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Office Cleaning Auckland


Amazon Cleaning Services Auckland was established with the aim of providing quality commercial and home cleaning auckland. Our traditional business model is based on providing, ‘Excellent Service and Quality at Competitive prices’. Over the years, we have developed streamlined processes to cater to different cleaning needs. Our team of professionals carries a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is effectively channelled to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

We have Operators trained in different areas like General, Commercial and Carpet Cleaning Auckland. We ensure that they are given the best form of training and undergo strict evaluation checks for the maintenance of top notch cleaning standards. We take pride in saying that we are ‘A one stop shop for all your residential, Office and Commercial Cleaning Auckland.


We believe in providing excellent cleaning standards, with great reliability and flexibility to our customers. We pride ourselves in honesty, integrity and implement business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Mohini Lata‐ Director

Mohammed Khan‐ Manager

Aaron Jordan‐ Quality Assurance